Creating a New Project

The first step to using Brownie is to initialize a new project. This can be done in two ways:

  1. Create an empty project using brownie init.
  2. Create a project from an existing template using brownie bake.

Creating an Empty Project

To initialize an empty project, start by creating a new folder. From within that folder, type:

$ brownie init

An empty project structure is created within the folder.

Creating a Project from a Template

You can initialize “Brownie mixes”, simple templates to build your project upon. For many examples within the Brownie documentation we will use the token mix, which is a very basic ERC-20 implementation.

Mixes are automatically created within a subfolder of their name. To initialize the token mix:

$ brownie bake token

This creates a new folder token/ and deploys the project inside it.

The Continuous Integration Template

Travis-Mix is a template preconfigured for use with Travis-CI continuous integration, as well as other useful tools.

To initialize from this mix:

$ brownie bake travis

See the Travis-Mix Github repo for a detailed explanation of how to configure and use the tools within this template.