Working with Accounts

The Accounts container (available as accounts or just a) allows you to access all your local accounts.

>>> accounts
['0xC0BcE0346d4d93e30008A1FE83a2Cf8CfB9Ed301', '0xf414d65808f5f59aE156E51B97f98094888e7d92', '0x055f1c2c9334a4e57ACF2C4d7ff95d03CA7d6741', '0x1B63B4495934bC1D6Cb827f7a9835d316cdBB332', '0x303E8684b9992CdFA6e9C423e92989056b6FC04b', '0x5eC14fDc4b52dE45837B7EC8016944f75fF42209', '0x22162F0D8Fd490Bde6Ffc9425472941a1a59348a', '0x1DA0dcC27950F6070c07F71d1dE881c3C67CEAab', '0xa4c7f832254eE658E650855f1b529b2d01C92359','0x275CAe3b8761CEdc5b265F3241d07d2fEc51C0d8']
>>> accounts[0]
<Account object '0xC0BcE0346d4d93e30008A1FE83a2Cf8CfB9Ed301'>

Each individual account is represented by an Account object that can perform actions such as querying a balance or sending ETH.

>>> accounts[0]
<Account object '0xC0BcE0346d4d93e30008A1FE83a2Cf8CfB9Ed301'>
>>> dir(accounts[0])
[address, balance, deploy, estimate_gas, nonce, transfer]

The Account.balance method is used to check the balance of an account. The value returned is denominated in wei.

>>> accounts[1].balance()

The Account.transfer method is used to send ether between accounts and perform other simple transactions. As shown in the example below, the amount to transfer may be specified as a string that is converted by Wei.

>>> accounts[0].transfer(accounts[1], "10 ether")

Transaction sent: 0x124ba3f9f9e5a8c5e7e559390bebf8dfca998ef32130ddd114b7858f255f6369
Transaction confirmed - block: 1   gas spent: 21000
<Transaction object '0x124ba3f9f9e5a8c5e7e559390bebf8dfca998ef32130ddd114b7858f255f6369'>
>>> accounts[1].balance()

Broadcasting Multiple Transactions

Broadcasting a transaction is normally a blocking action - Brownie waits until the transaction has confirmed before continuing. One way to broadcast transactions without blocking is to set required_confs = 0. This immediately returns a pending TransactionReceipt and continues without waiting for a confirmation. Additionally, setting silent = True suppresses the console output.

>>> transactions = [
        accounts[0].transfer(accounts[i], "1 ether", required_confs=0, silent=True)
        for i in range(1, 4)
>>> [tx.status for tx in transactions]
[1, -1, -1]

These transactions are initially pending (status == -1) and appear yellow in the console.